It was great to see Danny Thompson of the Alan Parsons Live Project in the May on-line issue of Modern Drummer’s “On The Beat”. It was a great read, and Danny discussed his background, & how he got his current position with Alan Parsons,

Danny was cool enough to take time out for me when they rolled through Milwaukee last year. He used a 1.5 Steel–5.5 x 14 that night…And has been using one ever since. He is an amazingly talented & unbelievable player. Plus, the guy is great person as well. I saw a comment below the Modern Drummer article that said Danny was “One of the best drummers I’ve ever had the pleasure to see perform”. That is exactly what I said after I saw him play to many people. Him, with this unreal band, with Alan Parsons….Is something you simply have to see and hear.

The timing of this was ironic. I had been going through some of the clips from the show last year and will be posting another one or two soon. I took a lot of them, and had a great angle from the side of the stage. Link below to a clip from the show here.

Thanks Again Danny, Congrats on the spot in Modern Drummer, Thank You for using my 1.5 Steel–5.5 x 14, and again for the introduction to Tommy Rickard…..


May Modern Drummer

Alan Parsons

KODAK Digital Still Camera

Danny TV





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