From a referral from a great friend of mine, I recently heard from Mat Donaldson of Drum World Tulsa about making him a drum. It was great to hear from him. After discussing it with him, he wanted an 8 x 14. It really was amazing how like-minded we are about drums. We were completely on the same page. I was working on a very limited timetable though because Mat wanted to use the drum for a new record he was doing with Weston Horn, Steve Snyder, Chris Hyde, & Rockwell Ryan Ripperger at Dockside Studios. Well, I got it done…And he absolutely loved the drum, and was able to have it in the studio for the new upcoming record. I am so looking forward to picking up a copy when it is released…

Mat is also the owner of Drum World Tulsa, which is arguably one of the best drum shops in this country, and a mainstay in the business. Thanks Again for everything Mat….It was a lot of fun and a pleasure to deal with you…

“The Beier 1.5 Steel–8 x 14 is my new go-to drum. I am completely happy with it…”

Mat Donaldson-Drum World Tulsa






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