Without a doubt, Tommy Harden is one of the most respected and accomplished drummers in Nashville. He is a first/top call studio drummer, and an incredible overall talent. Plus, he is just simply a great guy as well. His introduction to my drums was in Las Vegas. He was there with Reba, and he was watching Mark Beckett play from the side of the stage during his set with Olivia Newton John. Mark was playing his 1.5 Steel–4 x 15 which he designed. He absolutely loved it, and asked him about it after the show. Since that time…He has used that drum non-stop in sessions, and it is one of his primary go-to drums.

He recently fired up his 1.5 Steel–5.5 x 14 for the first time in the studio, and had the below comment on it. I always had the feeling he would might connect to this drum, and he has. Really looking forward to hearing some of the material he has played on with it.

Thanks Again Tommy For Everything…I really appreciated the message yesterday as well. I love reading and hearing your updates on Lost Hollow Band with Lorrie. All the best to both of you, and wishing you continued success….

“The 1.5 Steel–5.5 x 14 is a great combination of beef & crack. It’s hard to get that sound for me. Great drum…”

Tommy Harden

Tommy 1

Tommy Harden (Lost Hollow Band, Reba McEntire) and his new Beier 1.5 Steel Snare--5.5 x 14-

Tommy Harden-In the studio with his Beier 1.5 Steel--4 x 15~

Tommy Harden (1)

Tommy 4


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