Have been corresponding a lot with one of Canada’s top session and live players…Chad Melchert. He recently picked up a 1.5 Steel–4 x 15 from Long & McQuade. I have stayed in touch with him on and off, and just could not wait for this drum to get to him. He had tried out several of my drums in Nashville some time ago, and had been watching Tommy Harden’s posts about his 4 x 15 (Thanks Tommy).

Right away, or rather (spontaneously!) he began using the drum, and he absolutely & completely loves it. Already he has used it in sessions, live at Juno Fest, and chose it for the Gord Bamford-Joe Nichols Certified Country Tour across Canada. The first leg is done, and it resumes on May 15th.

Have had a lot of lengthy conversations with Chad before and since he has received this drum. This part of what I do is always very important to me. I definitely like to talk, but I tend to listen a lot more. And when players take the time to relate their ideas to me and experience with one of my drums…I am 100% in the listening department. Chad really is amazing. He is very analytical & technical in his approach to drumming, and he also is extremely artistic as well. That balance is something I have found to be a characteristic of all of the great players. Playing your ideas in the studio or live, and being able to relate that in detail verbally, is always incredible to me.

I am really looking forward to getting together with him when Gord comes back to the states. He is so knowledgeable, so enthusiastic, and such a great player…I will be all ears. He also will be sitting down with Mark Beckett who is responsible for the design of the 4 x 15. Thanks Again Chad for everything….See you soon…..



Chad 6

Chad 4


chad 5

Live shot of Chad Melchert's kit with his Beier 1.5 Steel--4 x 15...


Gord Bamford!



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