The May Issue of Modern Drummer has an article on Ron Thaler: “Ron Thaler-Blond Ambition”. It is an excellent read, as one might it expect it to be. He is an 8 time Grammy & #1 Billboard charting producer, drummer, arranger & songwriter who has recorded on over 450 albums. He is regarded worldwide as quite simply…One of the best. I really enjoyed his thoughts on music today, acoustic drums, the earlier days of his career, and the future. I found myself throughout the article thinking “Yeah”…”Could not agree more”…often! What he say’s…Just makes perfect sense.

I have always been unbelievably happy he has a 1.5 Steel–5.5 x 14 in his collection of go-to drums for his work. He mentioned to me recently that the drum is a “fantastic & wonderful sounding power puncher, and it has already been tracked on many occasions”. He is a master of communication and detail, and is an all-around sincere & very nice guy.

Thanks Again Ron for everything….Looking forward to many more articles on you, and to the volume of work that you will be creating…


May Modern Drummer

Ron Thaler 2

1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14-15


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