I just ordered and received a copy of the new feature length documentary on Quiet Riot by Regina Russell: “Well Now Your Here, There’s No Way Back”. Had to pop this in right away and pull a late one for this. Have really been looking forward to seeing it. It is like all of the reviews have been saying, (or rather raving): “Real Life Spinal Tap”-Rolling Stone….”Must See”-Huffington Post….”An Enthralling Ride”….Indiewire.

The film documents the rise and fall of Quiet Riot, the death of Frankie Banali’s bandmate and best friend Kevin DuBrow-and the pain of that, early and behind the scenes footage, and finally…Their resurrection. Regina did with this film what all great producers & directors do: She captured this naturally. It is not contrived or staged. It goes from being very emotional, to out and out hilarious. As well, it is so good you do not have to even be a music fan to enjoy this. Great documentaries do that…This is one of them.

The film completely and accurately depicts individual band members as well. In short: They are just a great bunch of guys.The way the film illustrates their sincerity in doing so, is the way they are. They have time for everyone. Frankie is someone who has always taken time out for me and Beier Drums. He has used my drums live for a number of shows in different sizes, and I have had long conversations with him on drums which I will always value.

Congratulations Regina Russell on an incredible job. This is no easy task. You totally knocked it out-of-the-park on this one. It is definitely something I will always keep, and watch again and again….






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