One of Nashville’s most respected players, live performers & session players…Mark Beckett (Olivia Newton John, Grand Ole Opry)…Just completed a single with an upcoming artist-Brittany JoAnna (McLamb): “Drop That Hoe”. Mark was using the 1.5 Steel–4 x 15. I have pointed out on several occasions that the idea for this drum was his. I manufactured the drum here at Beier Drums. I added my snare beds, etc.., But the entire concept and initial idea was his, and the drum has been a huge-huge hit with players all over. It it is also his main snare for Olivia Newton John’s show in Las Vegas. It will also be coming out in an issue in Modern Drummer very soon with Mike Dawson discussing this in an article as well. I bought the single as I always do…And it is a great production from A-Z. All The Best to you Brittany, and Thanks Once Again Mark Beckett…..

Brittany JoAnna-Drop That Hoe-Mark Beckett (Olivia Newton John, Grand Ole Opry)-Beier 1.5 Steel--4 x 15~

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