Finally got to see some great friends several weeks ago at Rock USA…Todd Sucherman of Styx and Troy Luccketta of Tesla. As always, without fail, they illustrated why they personally, and the bands they play in, are STILL among the greatest in Rock. I was behind the stage for Tesla, and out in front for Styx. No matter where your at, what angle…These bands just soar, and simply do not miss. It is truly a wonderful to hear, and see. Great seeing both of them and having some time.

Brain Wheat of Tesla has a Beier 1.5 Steel Snare–5.5 x 14 for his studio J Street Recroders. I didn’t have time to catch up with him…But will look forward to updating on this. According to Troy: He absolutely loves it. This is great to hear. Brian is a total-pro of a performer, engineer/producer, and hands down is one of my favorite bass players in music-Ever. I mentioned that to Troy long before he ever had one of my snare drums. It is just so great that there is one at his studio. His and Troy’s tracks on “Bust A Nut” and “Forever More” especially…..Are just simply masterful.

It was a blistering hot day, and I was headed for the shade when the opener of the day came on: Dellacoma. From practically the first chord I turned around and baked in the sun to listen to these guys. This is a newer & younger band, and to sum it up they are Old School Rock, and are simply a knockout band. Energetic, melodic, authentic…They have it all. Special Thanks to Matthew Cook for the T-Shirt & copy of their debut: “South Of Everything”. All the best to you guys…




J Street Recorders


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