As I have pointed out on several occasions, Achim Faerber (Eisbrecher, Project Pitchfork, Prag, Automat, Peter Heppner), one of the top performers and players in Europe, is absolutely one of busiest, and most diverse players in this business. It always amazes me how he can go from his heavy hitting duties in Industrial Metal giants Eisbrecher, then the next week be recording this latest project. He just sent me this picture from Candybomber studio where he was recording a 17 track Radioplay….All with his Beier 1.5 Steel–5.5 x 15, one of his four Beier Drums. It is very dark, moody & European. The story is based on a book by Celine Minard, the French author. It is a very intense story about people who tried to build a life in the New World, 250 years ago.They landed in Boston, and ended up in Kentucky. The broadcast will be in October, and will update this blog when it airs. Thank You Achim…..You Are Amazing!


Achim Faerber-Project Pitchfork-Eisbrecher

1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14-15


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