One of Europe’s busiest and leading talents, Achim Faerber (Eisbrecher, Project Pitchfork, Prag) is as active and busy as always. German electronic music artists Automat, one of the many projects he is involved in,  is set to release their third album in less than two years on May 29th-PlusMinus. They are also gearing up for a tour of Australia later this year in addition to performing throughout Europe. Achim is also on tour with the mighty Eisbrecher this Summer. Congrats Achim. Absolutely…You are one of the busiest players I know. PlusMinus will mark the sixth release in the last 6 months for you if I have my math correct. Thank You for using the 1.5 Steel–5.5 x 14 on the new Automat record and live with the band, with Prag in the studio and live, and exclusively with Project Pitchfork live. Look forward to your thoughts on your 1.5 Steel–6.5 x 13 this Summer.

Last pic is Achim in the famed Candybomber Studio in Berlin. He just recorded another album with Danny Dziuk for a 2015 Fall release, and used the 1.5 Steel–5.5 x 14 on the entire album. Link below is an excellent article and review of Automat’s PlusMinus, and an audio of one of the tracks…


Automat Pic

Achim Faerber-Eisbrecher-Beier 1.5 Steel Snare--6.5 x 14.

Achim Faerber (Eisbrecher, Project Pitchfork, Prag, Automat)-Berlin-Candybomber Studio-Recording with Danny Dziuk and his Beier 1.5 Steel--5.5 x 14~


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