Was at The Arcada Theater in St. Charles, Illinois several weeks ago for Blue Oyster Cult. Jules Radino was using his Beier 1.5 Steel–4 x 15 live, and it was a fun night. I have seen Blue Oyster Cult many times, and they are always great. Something about this night where they just lit it up…The whole band. It is always interesting to watch an audience from the side of the stage. In this case…Every single person in that audience was moving and lovin this show.

The 4 x 15 met with huge approval from Jules, Woody from the FOH, techs, & quite literally everyone. This drum is heavy on Mids, and has a great Bottom. Jules is an exceptional talent, and his opinion means a lot to me on drums. I have some excellent clips which are going up next week. One is a webcam of the live show from the side of his kit. Thank You Jules.

Special Thanks as well to Roy Nichol from April Wine, and Bill Hibbs from Milestone Percussion, who also owns Tempus Drums. I appreciate you guys taking time out, and enjoyed our drum talk…

Jules Radino-Blue Oyster Cult-Live-The Arcada Theater-Beier 1.5 Steel Snare--4 x 15-Gloss White~


Beier 1.5 Steel--4 x 15-Gloss White



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