Had the huge honor to see the final show of Geoff Tate’s Queensryche two weeks ago. To see this band play together is an amazing experience in itself. Simon Wright’s technique, power, and consistency is a top of the game experience for any drummer to get to watch. Have seen him three times this year. Every single time I do, it reintroduces the common knowledge that he simply is one of the greatest drummers in Rock. This entire band consisting of Randy Gane, Robert & Rudy Sarzo, Kelly Gray, Simon Wright & Geoff Tate are person for person one of the most talented packed groups out there. Special shout out to Randy Gane. Thanks for taking time out…Really enjoyed our conversation on music and sailing. Looking forward to the upcoming trilogy that this band will be starting soon…..

Simon Wright's Kit at the final show of Geoff Tate's Queensryche. This spectacular band is now Operation Mindcrime...

Operation Mindcrime Logo


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